What is a Jewish Prayer House

A synagogue is a prayer house in the simplest sense (Bet Tefilla); It is the place where the Jews prayed collectively. Jews can do daily prayer everywhere, but some prayers can only be done in the presence of "minians" (10 adult men). Also, traditionally, praying in groups is more virtuous than praying alone. In this respect, the sanctity of a synagogue comes right after the Holy Temple.

The synagogue is also a learning site (Bet Midrash). Contrary to popular belief, Judaism education does not end after Bar Mitzva (thirteen years). For religious Jews, learning of the sacred texts is a lifelong struggle. For this reason synagogues have libraries containing sacred texts for the learning of congregational individuals. Synagogues are places where children also receive basic religious education.

Many synagogues also have a lounge where religious or non-religious social activities are held. The synagogue is also sometimes used as a meeting room where important issues concerning the community are discussed.

The synagogue also works as a social assistance institution. It collects money or other necessities and helps the poor and needy in the community.

Kal Kadoş Bet Israel

Located in Sisli and part of the Neve-Shalom Foundation, it was initially built in the 1920's and enlarged into its present size in the early 1950's due to the majority of the Jewish population moving to that area. The most populated and active Synagogue today, the Bet-Israel can be both visited or joined for prayers after taking necessary appointments.