antakyanevsThe devastating earthquakes that hit the southeast of Turkey probably gave the most damage to the ancient historical city of Antakya (Antioch).  And the small Jewish community of Antakya was demolished along with everything else in the city.


Author Nesi Altaras works as an independent researcher, journalist and translator. He got his BA in International Relations and Economics from Tufts University and his MA in Political Science from McGill University. The articles of Nesi Altaras, one of the editors of the Avlaremoz platform, have been published in different places in Turkish, English, French and Ladino.

morisizmirMoris Bencuya, an industrialist and philantropist of Izmir, a former president of the local Jewish Community, a fan as well as an administrator of Altay football team, passed away on May 26 2023.


The Jewish Cultural Heritage İzmir

The Jewish presence in İzmir dates back to the Hellenistic and Roman periods, and the Jewish heritage of Izmir exhibits a unique character with its dominant Sephardic traditions of religion and worship, along with the architectural styles of the synagogues resembling those of medieval Spain.

ulusmuseviokul04Can you tell us about yourself, your background in the field of education?
I am a Canadian bilingual educator who has served in leadership roles with 9 international IB schools in 7 countries over the past two decades. Originally a practitioner of Montessori methods, I transitioned to International Baccalaureate (IB) Principles, Standards and Practices during my first headship, leading my school to become Ontario’s first IB authorized Middle Years Programme (MYP) school.

matanbaseterbarinMatan Baseter-Barınyurt, which was founded in Edirne before 1917 and has been operating in Istanbul since 1928, continues its efforts to support and help the poor, the needy, the homeless, the sick and many more

semeskarmielŞemeş Karmiel Dance Group was founded in 2004. Until now it has represented the Turkish Jewish Community and Türkiye at international festivals.

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Kuşkusuz geçtiğimiz haftaki en önemli olayımız Roş -Aşana Bayramı kutlamamızdı.

Çok şükür ki bu sene de Or Yom’da geleneklerimiz doğrultusunda özenli ve bereketli sofralar etrafında büyük bir mutlulukla toplandık ve bu güzel günü layıkıyla, coşkuyla kutladık.