A ceremony has been organized today on 12:00, in the memory of Struma Disaster, that 764 Jewish children, young and old, women and men had lost their lives 70 years ago, on 24th of February, 1942. The ceremony will be held before the Ataturk monument at Sarayburnu, where the Ship had left, after had lied at anchor for 71 days. Despite of all international attempts, due to the incuriousness of the whole world and the humanity, after Struma ship had been towed to Black Sea with engine-out status, due to torpedo from a submarine she had foundered towards morning on 24th of February; while 764 people had lost their lives tragically, only 1 person had survived. Years after, it was documented that the submarine that caused Struma to founder was Russian registered.

The Representatives of Turkish-Jewish Community and Mr. Zulfu Livaneli, who has mentioned this tragedy in his novel named as "Serenad," will participate to the ceremony. At the 70th anniversary of that event, we remember the ones who had lost their lives in this miserable event with respect and mercy. Furthermore, on this Saturday Morning, a special prayer will be held at our synagogues in the memory of the ones who had lost their lives at Struma Disaster.

Kindly be informed.

The Jewish Community of Turkey