Baglarbasi Cemetery

Immediately after the plot was allocated to our Community for burials in 1988, the Bağlarbaşı Cemetery was occupied by the local municipality and used as space for greenhouse and office.


A court case was opened by the community and when it was finalized in 2002 the occupation by the municipality ended and burials were started.

At present the plot is not occupied and an entrance to the cemetery has been built.

Permission to build a permanent midrash has been requested from the local authorities and prayers & meals are organized in temporary trailers. First the prayer trailer, then one for meals was placed. The room for limewash was built.

The empty part of the cemetery was used as a refuse emptying area by unknown people who emptied truckloads of junk. A caretaker and a strong lighting system was put in place, refuse dumped inside was removed and walls were strengthed with the help of the municipality.

The first portion of the cemetery opened to use is filling up at present.

Even though we have the right of use for all the area, burial permissions are being issued by the municipality in smaller subdivisions, as previous plots are filled. A permission request was submitted in 2002 to prepare a new part of the land for burials; the final permission has only been given very recently. As this new parcel fills the authorities will allow for more plots to be used.

The Neve Shalom Synagogue is responsible for burial & care of all plots; of those that the Kuzguncuk Community has been designated to use as well.