The speech of the President of Turkish Jewish Community Mr.Ishak Ibrahimzadeh at the Iftar dinner of the Christian and Jewish Communities-Balat Or-Ahayim Hospital-July the 06th, 2015

Honorable Governor,

Venerable Spiritual Leaders,

Honorable Deputies

Honorable Mayors, Undersecretaries

Honorable General Director of Foundations, Dear Mr. Adnan

Specially we would like to thank to our President, Prime Minister, Ministers, Metropolitan Mayor of Istanbul who participated with their messages as they have strengthened us.

Dear friends and brothers

While starting my words, I would like to express my condoleances to the sorrowful families of our 15 agriculture workers, who lost their life in a car accident in Manisa. May their souls rest in peace.

This year we experience the happiness to organize together with the Christian communities, the holy Ramadan Iftar that we have organized for our Muslim friends since 15 years as Turkish Jewish Community.

You are welcome to Balat, which is one of the first locations, where our friendship dinner tables in Istanbul were arranged many centuries ago.







On this opportunity I thank the management of Balat Orahayim Hospital, which opened their premises to us and I wish healing to their patients.

We intended to perform this holy Ramadan Iftar which reunites us, at Camp Armen.

Unfortunately, the reversion of the Camp to its original owner is extended and still the return is not performed, thus we are at this location of ours, this year.

However Sayat and Alexis came from the Camp and joined us, we thank them.

Our trust is full in our government, which took brave steps in rehabilitation of rights without any expectations, therefore we believe the government will make such progressive step by assuring the completion of the return of Camp Armen too.

This step shall be a new turning point in the repair of our mistakes of removing minorities in the past; this is the transformation into hope of one more of the roads that we thought were closed.

Our sincere discourse that is created from experiencing union and tolerance by elaborating the tradition of our Holy father Abraham, Avraham Avinu, the teacher of all of us at these tables in Turkey, where we enter a new era, unfortunately did not help grasp the reality that more resolved and efficient measures should be taken against hate speeches, which increase progressively through the gap of law and threatens the individuals of our communities.

In this new era, I would also like to emphasize again our expectations of an efficient solution against hate speeches; we need the help of every segment of society in this struggle.

I congratulate with feelings of brotherhood and union the approaching holy feast of Ramadan, and wish that it will be an opportunity for understanding, peace and tranquility in our Turkey and for all humanity.

Hoping to see you all next year in the Iftar at the garden of Assyrian church, Yeşilköy, which is expected longingly to receive authorization for openning its doors

Once again welcome, you brought us great joy...