Starting his message "On such an important day representing spriritual freedom for the Jewish world, I congratulate our Jewish citizens' Passover holiday," Egemen Bağış hoped that Passover will be the means for combined prayers and outery for peace.

Bagış expressed that as a civilization based on love and tolerance he is sharing his Jewish citizens' enthusiasm and joy for Passover holiday and contibuted his message as follows:

"Our civilization represents an understanding of synagogues, mosques, churches standing next each other in peace. For centuries, on Turkish land, the bell voices from churches, the prayers from mosques, the voices of Hazans from synagogues have arousen without disturbing the freedom of the other.

Both Iftar (Ramadan) and Seder are known as tables of brotherhood where everybody prays at the same blessing.

While congratulating the Passover holiday, I hope that it will lead to a world without violence, slavery, cruelty and will bring freedom."